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Young ICT Lady
ICT Woman


February 4 2021th

The winners of ‘Young ICT Lady of the Year 2021’ and ‘ICT Woman of the Year 2021’ were announced during the virtual award ceremony.

Young ICT Lady


SAP functional consultant
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Alice Coupez perhaps somewhat surprisingly ended up as ICT consultant. But as a Master Management International Business student (UCL School of Management), a six-month internship in Indonesia at an ERP consultancy start-up was an enjoyment, “realizing how fulfilling it is to work with people from different backgrounds.” Back in Belgium, she started at delaware in the SAP operations department, with a passionate focus on “making these ‘scary’ black-boxy things understandable to people who will use them.” As a member of the Diversity & Inclusion taskforce, she also aims at concrete actions for more women occupying senior positions. She herself wants to look up to them, to “see how they make bold moves,” to be able to do likewise, as her dance and yoga teachers advice her! In another effort, she brings together alumni of her International Business studies in the IB Community, creating a mentorship program.
Product Owner Extra Services Mass Retail KBC Mobile
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Interestingly, as “not your average candidate”, Elke Craenen does not have an ICT-studies background, with a Master Comparative & International Politics (cum laude) and Master Law degree (both at KU Leuven), including a Certificate Diplomacy. With an abundance of communicative, negotiation and problem solving skills, at KBC she got the taste of ICT, “leaving my comfort zone.” Today, she interfaces with third parties, “keeps “400.000 end-users happy,” and is lead of an international team (Belgium, Czechia, India). Key is to pursue innovation, with new technologies as big data and voice control, as well as “contributing to a sustainable role for ICT in society,” with “ICT as an inclusive, not just a diverse work environment.” Her own unusual path surely serves as inspiration “not to shy away from starting an adventure,” as she urges adolescents at her former high school.
Technical Consultant
AE nv
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No experience with programming, nor a gamer, but as Ayla Cremmery decided not to fit in a stereotype, she gained a Master of Computer Sciences at U Gent (including a summer internship in California). Throughout her assignments at AE she goes for absolute excellence and value for customers, in projects with societal impact (Remedus’ RemeCare caregiver platform), in fintech (c-Quillibrium), as well in mobility and leasing (Sofico). This means playing many roles, “envisioning the bigger picture, while delivering software I can be proud of.” Proud she can be too of her efforts in knowledge sharing and coaching efforts, her involvement in the corporate responsibility program, and as a volunteer in the AIG alumni organization. As Young ICT Lady, she wants to make a “difference to young girls,” smashing the idea you must fit in a stereotype to study IT. Better yet, making clear that “background, gender identity, race don’t matter.”
Data Management Senior Consultant
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With a Master degree Management (distinction) at the Louvain School of Management, Annlore Defossez dived deep into the world of financial services (FS). Today, she’s a strategic Capgemini data expert at BNP Parisbas Fortis, proving her soft and transversal skills throughout the data community, working with stakeholders at all levels, up to C-level. It made her Employee of the year 2019 Financial services (Bl/Nl). But she proved to be a powerhouse in many other communities as well, not the least as Corporate Social Responsibility lead in Belgium, organizing in 2020 the ‘Impact Together’ week and driving the Green Week initiative. Member of women@capgemini, she shared her experiences at the Young Potential Orange Boost camp, extending this to the FS young potential boost camp in India. With a clear vision of her growth path, she wants to “become an internal and external role model for topics related to (gender) diversity and the CSR domain.”
Van Steenberge
Associate Manager in Technology Resources
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“When passionate about something, I aim for the stars.” Clearly she does, graduating ‘magna cum laude’ at U Gent with a Masters degree Business Engineering (Operational Management), including a PMI Belgium University Contest award. At Accenture, she supports the Technology Resources practice, while coaching and managing teams in India and Brussels. But also, she shares her “passion for technology with others on a more personal level’, both at U Gent and inside Accenture, at Ladies in Tech events. At ‘Academics for Technology’, she told her story, clearly inspiring many students. As Young ICT Lady, she would use it as a platform for ‘endless opportunities’. “I want to start a ‘Big sister initiative’,” helping 18-years old making better study choices. Even more, “we’re in a new leadership era,” and “as we speak, I’m working on a sort of ‘leadership playbook’!”

ICT Woman


Managing Director Lead of Technology Resources Industry
Accenture Belgium
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Throughout her at Accenture, Rima Farhat – currently Managing Director and Lead of technology Resources industry at Accenture Belgium – always focused on the delivery side. For her, it was the translation of being on the field and getting things done. Majority of her realizations are linked to big programs delivery, mainly linked to putting in place big platform, data lakes, data hubs etc… She’s currently leading a team of +250 people (120 locally in Belgium and the rest in India). Rima Farhat gets her energy from building all types of leaders around her and seeing the evolution of people growing in skills, responsibility and maturity. Rima Farhat is a technology fan, “and by technology I translate the ability to use the evolution and innovation at the service of the society, making sure that these technologies improve the way we work and live. This is the main reason why I oriented myself to the data field: I strongly believe Data is Gold and the way we use data (ethically) is helping to take better, more sustainable and ethical decisions.” Next to her delivery she’s currently leading the Technology Resources team at Accenture. Staying ahead of the trends is one of the priorities and be able to translate them the best way possible to the customers context, focusing on subjects around Data &AI, Sustainability (circular economy), new energy consumption, renewable, denuclearization etc.. “I take a huge satisfaction in leading that team because not only I am able to keep the focus on how the best of technology can improve the way we work and live but also because leading that part of Accenture business allows me to shape the leads of tomorrow and share with them my experience and knowledge”, says Rima Farhat. Just before that role, she was leading the Data & AI team. She grew the team not only in number where the team tripled in size over 4 years but mainly on bringing the right and relevant skill-set. Last but not least, Rima Farhat invests big part of her time coaching female colleagues at Accenture. She’s the sponsor for the Ladies in Tech journey where Accenture provides coaching to the young female in technology to help them navigate in that world. This program was put in place last year. “I am very proud of the achievements we made already. Being the sponsor and dedicate time for such initiative is also one of the reasons I am proud of my job: I can have impact on others and inspire them in their careers”. Linkedin: https://be.linkedin.com/in/rima-farhat-19a2088
Founder & Coordinator
Digitale Wolven
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Cindy Smits started her professional career in 2001 in administrative functions, “but I always wanted to do something in ICT”, she tells us.  “In 2006 I finally had my first job in ICT at a Servicedesk (EDS). 1 year later I started my carees at Cronos and they gave me the opportunity to start my own non-profit in 2014.” The first part of her career at Cronos was in Business Intelligence. For 6 years Cindy Smits was a consultant at The Coca Cola Company. The first 2 years of Digitale Wolven, she combined this with a job as an ICT teacher at De Lift, a private secondary school for children with ASD. Digitale Wolven started small. As a mom working in ICT, she wanted to give schools a broader vision on what kids can do with technology. As a coach at CoderDojo Belgium she saw the amazing things young kids can do. She also noticed that only little girls attended and that the ones that attended sometimes preferred a female coach. “For me, this was the starting point for Digitale Wolven. The school is the only place where everybody gets the possibility to get in contact with other things en people no matter their gender, religion, interests or parents”, says Cindy Smits. For 2 years she did everything by herself. In 2016 she needed to do this full-time and had to hire her first employee to help her in giving workshops at schools. “So many schools are interested and since 2019 I have a team of 5 people working for Digitale Wolven. In 2019 we gave workshops to 20.000 kids in Flanders and Brussels as well.” Digitale Wolven is her biggest passion. Or as she likes to call it: ‘a hobby that got out of hand´. “I really want Digitale Wolven to grow even further. As a start in Belgium, but maybe even on an international level. I never could have dreamed to be where I am now with all this but I truly believe that there is even more ahead of us”, she adds to that. Next to Digitale Wolven Cindy Smits is also working on another project. At this point in time she can’t yet disclose much, but it will be sort of an helpdesk or support service for schools: in a first phase only for teachers. Think of typical ICT problems, but ‘how to’ support as well. We told you already she’s a lead coach at CoderDojo. In this context, Cindy Smits is also involved in the organization of Coolest Projects Belgium and CoderDojo4Divas. The latter is an annual event to give girls that extra nudge to go to a dojo in their neighborhood. CoderDojo4Divas always takes place during EU CodeWeek. This is a European initiative to highlight coding. Cindy Smits is also EU CodeWeek Ambassador for Belgium. LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/cindy-smits-43508410/
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Tine Vandenbreeden studied art history at the KU Leuven, but at the same has about 25 years of experience in software and sales at SAP and HP. So how did that go, one could wonder? After her initial studies she studied Business Administration at the Mannheim Business School (Executive MBA). In 2006 she started her career at SAP, where she became COO of SAP BeLux in 2016 and finally COO of SAP France in 2019. It was only in september of this year that she switched companies and joined MobileXpense, one of Belgium’s most notable SaaS companies, as CEO. MobileXpense is a solution to make travel & expense management controlled, compliant, simple and hassle-free for employees. At MobileXpense Tine Vandenbreeden recognized a similar drive she knew well from her previous international technology working environments: the motivation to develop world-class software solutions that have a wide impact on businesses, while contributing to working on the environment and society. As CEO, Tine is committed to taking this to the next level and has announced her ambition to make MobileXpense a market leader in expense management across Europe. Working with a diverse and talented team, Tine is especially proud to be able to lead a Belgian company. She believes the Belgian scale-up landscape is ready to take Europe by storm, in no small part thanks to a new generation of young, talented and female CEO’s including (but not limited to) Bieke Van Gorp (Fibricheck), Aline Muylaert (CitizenLab), and Emna Everard (Kazidomi). Apart from her daily job she’s a board member at NxtPort too. Tine Vandenbreeden is not only into technology and innovaton, but is a sporty spice too (running, yoga) and still has that passion for art. Her personal motto? ‘When in doubt, MOVE’. And that’s exactly why she agreed to be nominated by some of her former colleagues at SAP. “Don’t ever be afraid to get into motion, as motion means making things run. So yes, I accept the nomination and definitely want to become a role model for other women and ladies who want to make a career in technology companies”, she acknowledged to us. LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/tinevandenbreeden/




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