Antwerp Management School is an international business school that helps its customers to create sustainable value by shaping talent into becoming Global Citizens, mastering the art of decision-making and leading people. To accomplish this mission, Antwerp Management School delivers state-of-the-art management knowledge, anchored in a business and organizational context.

For more than 25 years, Antwerp Management School (AMS) and the University of Antwerp (UAntwerp) have been playing a leading role in the research area of digital transformation. Powered by UAntwerp, AMS has consolidated all research, state-of-the-art knowledge and practical implementation in a “Leading Digital Transformation” educational portfolio. With four executive master programs and eight master classes we help business managers, CEOs, CIOs, IT specialists and IT consultants to building the bridge between IT and the business in order to achieve maximum alignment between the two and to create value out of digital transformation.

Master Class Digital Transformation: Strategy & Leadership
Digital Transformation is high on many organizations’ agenda. While a lot of start-ups and entrepreneurs use digital technology very successfully for growth and innovation, established firms often face challenges in successfully exploring and exploiting the opportunities arising from digitalization. With the Master Class Digital Transformation: Strategy & Leadership at Antwerp Management School, we want to develop your leadership in digital transformation and provide insights in aligning IT investments with the business objectives.
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Win a voucher of -1000 euros for this Master Class!
We are very proud to welcome the winners of ICT Woman of the Year and Young ICT Lady of the Year to our Master Class, starting on October 7th. But there is more! We would like to give you a chance to take this interesting course as well, so we have organized a raffle for a voucher of 1000 euros for this Master Class.

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The best publicity for our Master Class Digital Transformation comes from the people who already graduated and are now taking full advantage of their new knowledge in an exciting international career or a personal venture. Click on the video to find out how Ingrid experienced the program and what the importance is of Digital Transformation according to her.
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Executive IT Master programs
Next to our eight specific master classes, we at Antwerp Management School also offer four executive IT master tracks in our Leading Digital Transformation portfolio. These executive master tracks are part-time and spread out over 2 academic years in a way that you as a professional, can combine the classes with your work & private life.
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